London First understand the crucial issues affecting the capital, but more importantly they offer solutions and help make things happen. In particular, London First were instrumental for Crossrail: championing the project for decades and, at the key moments in its development, encouraging widespread, cohesive support and commitment for it thereby helping to ensure that a long proposed infrastructure became a reality

Terry Morgan
Chariman, Crossrail

Over 70% of all UK rail journeys start or finish in the capital. Rail travel in London and the south east has grown by 60% since 1994/95, while capacity has increased by about 25%. Transport for London (TfL) forecasts 650,000 more rail trips per day into and around London by 2025.

Key rail projects for the capital

  • Crossrail

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  • Crossrail 2

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  • High Speed Rail

The Government is proposing to build a new national High Speed Rail network.

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London First’s response follows its appearance as a witness to the House of Commons Transport Select Committee’s investigation.

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  • Thameslink

The Thameslink upgrade will deliver a doubling of passenger capacity for journeys to and from Farringdon, Blackfriars and London Bridge by 2019.

  •  Major stations

In addition to increased train capacity, many of London’s major rail stations need an overhaul. Kings Cross and St Pancras have already been transformed, and London Bridge is undergoing redevelopment, but there are many other major stations that will require step-change improvements in order to accommodate increasing rail capacity over the coming years.

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