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Tunnels and bridges

There are 3 road crossings east of Tower Bridge, compared to 16 crossings an equivalent distance west. Yet much of London’s future growth is planned for the east and a lack of cross-river connections may impact on this economic development.

London needs:

  • A new tunnel at Silvertown

This will relieve endemic congestion on the existing Blackwall crossing.

The Mayor recently consulted on the scheme ahead of submitting a planning

application next year. There may be a role for tolling. Completion is due around 2021.

  • A new crossing at Gallions Reach to connect Greenwich and Newham.

A previous scheme ‘the Thames Gateway Bridge’ was cancelled by the Mayor in 2008. Detailed feasibility work on a new scheme needs to begin now to enable a new bridge to open in the mid 2020s.

  • A new Lower Thames Crossing

This will reduce congestion on the existing Dartford Crossing. The Department for Transport recently undertook a consultation on three options which have been under consideration since 2009. A decision is needed now to enable a new bridge to open in the mid 2020s