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London’s technology sector

The UK economy is boosted by £145 billion a year from digital technology, and London is at the forefront with a booming tech sector which has outperformed the rest of the economy in recent years, attracting more venture capital and creating more companies valued over $1 billion than any other European city.

Meanwhile, rapid growth in the capital has created significant challenges across public service delivery, infrastructure and housing.

We are in the early stages of seeing the impact of major disruptive technologies, which have the potential to transform the economy and society. A key issue for London is how digital transformation and the use of new technologies can help London’s government better manage some of its growth challenges, improve efficiency and support economic development.

It is more important than ever for London to have an appropriate and ambitious digital strategy, from skills to connectivity; in order to maintain our competitiveness, stimulate innovation and to continue to attract talent and investment.

To support a continued vibrant tech sector and to ensure the rest of the economy can continue to benefit from it, our tech objectives include:

  • Establishing a chief digital officer for London
  • Ensuring London’s connectivity is fit for purpose
  • Establishing and facilitating cross sectoral collaborations and creating new partnerships.

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