Build to Rent

Approximately 25 per cent of households in London are housed in the private rented sector and it is the only form of tenure in London that is growing as a share of the total.

Over the past couple of decades this form of tenure has grown rapidly and organically, rather than as the result an explicit public policy objective. The overwhelming bulk of stock used in this way is provided by small landlords, each of whom owns a small number of units.

Attracting institutional investment into London’s private rented sector – build to rent – would be new investment into London’s housing supply and could play a significant role in helping to increase the overall level of supply, as well as accelerating the completion of existing large scale developments.

There are additional benefits that build to rent brings, such as promoting labour market mobility, flexibility and ease of access. Professionalising the sector offers the prospect of high quality homes, driving up standards in the private rented sector in general.

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