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London’s future competitiveness

London is a leading global city and, according to many indices, the leading international financial centre. But recent years have seen a host of cities – particularly in Asia – grow both in size and economic clout. Overall, 90 per cent of the fastest-growing metropolitan economies are located outside of North America and Western Europe. In an increasingly globalised world – companies and individuals have a choice where to invest, work and live. London First is undertaking work to look at the strengths and weaknesses of different world cities to understand what London needs to do to compete in this global marketplace.

London’s current and future competitiveness: A review of city competitor data

We regularly review London’s competitiveness against other world cities. Our most recent report shows that London remains a leading international business centre and, according to many reports, the leading international financial centre. However these same reports show that London’s lead over other global cities is diminishing. Emerging markets are improving fast and traditional rivals are regaining ground – in part because London’s long-standing reputation for predictability and consistency has been eroded by a series of damaging policy changes.


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