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East London regeneration

After the success of the Olympic Games, it has become clear that London's economic growth lies to the East. I'm relying on London First to help us deliver it

Sir Robin Wales
Mayor, London Borough of Newham

In preparation for the 2012 Olympics, £9 billion of public money was ploughed into East London. Much of this investment will have a long lasting effect, and represents long overdue regeneration in one of the country’s most deprived areas.

Substantial population growth is forecast for the East End, with tens of thousands of new homes and jobs planned. The sheer scale of the growth means a new London will be built, but the challenge is to build it well and to create a new quarter of London that contributes to its world city status.

Our Green Paper for East London sets out our principals on the regeneration of East London, looking at a vision for legacy and businesses’ views on encouraging investment. It incorporates the views of London First members on how the capital can secure the Games’ legacy, and concludes with a series of criteria which the public sector must meet if the private sector is to deliver.

Read our Green Paper for East London

As the post-Games strategy for long term legacy and regeneration in east London becomes clearer, London First will be working to ensure new arrangements in east London deliver the principals of the green paper.

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