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London’s built environment

"If I want an influential group of people to talk to, I can rely on London First- particularly in relation to our work at City Hall on housing, planning and development"

Sir Edward Lister
Chief of Staff and Deputy Mayor of London for Planning

By 2016 London’s population is projected to hit an all-time high of some 8.7 million people. Between 2011 and 2021 alone, our population will have risen by a million – a faster rise than ever experienced before. We are set to hit 10 million by 2030.

On such population projections, London will need another 450,000 jobs over the next decade – and another 400,000 homes. These people will place additional strain on London’s existing resources –already heavily used and in places dating back to the Victorians.

So London must plan now for its future infrastructure needs. London needs homes, offices and other developments to support this growth and remain an attractive location for global business.

To support the efficient delivery of these vital developments, our planning objectives include:

  • Ensuring the planning system supports development and regeneration in London
  • Contributing a business perspective to national, regional and local policymakers, so that they recognise the complexity of development in London
  • Celebrating the role of planning in maintaining London’s world city status, to promote planning as a career choice and ensure departments are properly resourced

Key Themes

The Localism Act

In November 2011, as part of the Government’s efforts to move power away from central government to local authorities and communities, it passed the Localism Act. The Act covers a number of...

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Community Infrastructure Levy

London First was part of the industry coalition which in 2007 put forward proposals for a planning charge to replace the Government’s Planning Gain Supplement. The result was the Community...

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The London Plan

The London Plan is the Mayor’s spatial development strategy that determines planning policy for the capital. London First is committed to ensuring that development in the capital remains...

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East London regeneration

In preparation for the 2012 Olympics, £9 billion of public money was ploughed into East London. Much of this investment will have a long lasting effect, and represents long overdue regeneration in...

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West End legacy

The West End is a long term driver of economic activity and critical to London’s success as a world city. As part of its commitment to improving London’s public realm, London First set up the...

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