Airports Commission

The Government appointed an independent Commission, led by Sir Howard Davies, to identify and recommend options for maintaining the UK’s status as an international hub for aviation.

The Commission published its final report in July 2015 which recommended building a new runway at Heathrow.

The business community wanted to hear a clear and final decision from government to implement their recommendations, but a decision has been deferred six months until a new Mayor of London is announced in May 2016, adding to the continued delay.

London First Chief executive, Baroness Jo Valentine, was on Sky News, Channel 4 News  and BBC London Radio after the government’s deferred decision, warning that: “the decision won’t get any easier for the Prime Minister if he delays further. Sometimes, politicians just have to take the hard decisions as part of governing and stop procrastinating.”

Our aim now is to ensure the Government responds to the Commission’s  recommendation in a timely and positive fashion; and commits to an early Parliamentary vote by summer 2016 at the latest.

London First, in its short-term submission to the Airports Commission, recommends an increase of flights at Heathrow, coupled with greater noise protection for residents, plus the deregulation of Gatwick and Stansted and investment in their rail links, as short-term solutions to the UK’s air capacity crisis.

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