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Our Focus

Our work up to 2020 will be focused on a set of “drivers” of London’s competitiveness that will take more than a year to address.

We aim to be constantly vigilant in calling for:

  • London government having the powers, resources and competences necessary to run London and support the city’s growth – more devolution to London government of the taxes we already pay and of powers from national government.
  • Airport capacity and services that provide London businesses with better resilience and more connectivity – more flights and destinations served, together with smoother border control procedures and a more customer friendly tourist visa regime.
  • Transport infrastructure and services that enable business and employees to move around London efficiently– increased investment in London’s transport infrastructure, coupled with greater efficiency and innovation from TfL and tough political decisions over charging to manage scarce road capacity.
  • A step-change increase in the provision of housing to support London’s growth– a package of measures to increase the number of new homes built in London to close the gap between household growth and housing growth.
  • London’s employers able to recruit the workforces they need at all levels- A combination of maintaining an open migration regime and improving training to ensure Londoners have the skills and attitude to be employable when they leave school or college.
  • London having a world class built environment- work around planning and development policy to deliver growth and improved urban realm.
  • A business-led London economic development strategy- that supports existing key strategic sectors, notably financial services, HE, leisure and tourism, and encourages business growth and new business.
  • London having one of the most stable and competitive tax regimes in the world- internationally competitive rates of tax, including personal and corporate taxes, within a stable policy framework.

You can find out more about our campaign priorities and wider work programme in our 2015/16 Objectives.


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