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Leadership Exchange

London First’s joint mentoring scheme – sharing expertise between police and business leaders

Leadership Exchange is a joint mentoring scheme, pairing police and business leaders together to exchange expertise on leadership and management issues. Its purpose is to strengthen links between police and business at a senior level, share corporate learning and leadership skills and bring a fresh perspective to the work practices of both parties. Since its launch in 2001, over 400 individuals have participated in Leadership Exchange. The strength of Leadership Exchange lies in the matching of leaders from different organisations and cultures, providing a confidential sounding board and fresh insight into some of the challenges that are faced at a senior level. Previous participants in the scheme have greatly valued the opportunity to discuss challenges away from busy work schedules in an environment that is positive, refreshing and enjoyable.

Leadership Lectures – our mentoring programme is supported by a series of regular lectures from a broad spectrum of inspirational speakers. Recent speakers have included Dr Stephen Covey, (Author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Co-founder Frankin-Covey), General Sir Mike Jackson (former Chief of the General Staff), David Campbell (President and CEO, AEG), Rory Sutherland (Global Vice Chairman and Creative Director, Ogilvyone), Nick Henderson (former Commanding Officer of the 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards and founder of Guardian Global Security) and Peter Kenyon (CEO, Clelsea FC).

To find out more about Leadership Exchange mentoring opportunities and our Leadership Lecture series you can read our Leadership Exchange booklet, which sets out the benefits and guiding principles of participation.

What they say about Leadership Exchange:

Sir Paul Stephenson, former Metropolitan Police Commissioner
“This innovative partnership continues to strengthen the relationship between the police and business communities across London. The ethos of the Metropolitan Police Service is to work with London’s communities, visitors and businesses and the London First joint mentoring scheme is an effective and practical application of this. There is an enormous benefit of sharing knowledge and expertise between police and business leaders that I hope will lead to creative and innovative solutions that make London safer.”

Alan Jenkins, Chairman, Eversheds
“It has been a pleasure and a privilege to participate in the Leadership Exchange programme. In addition, the opportunity to work with a senior police officer discussing the challenges each of us faces in our different daily activities has been fascinating and instructive. I would recommend anyone considering to take part to do so. It will be rewarding and enjoyable”

Andrew Trotter, Chief Constable, British Transport Police
“Being a part of Leadership Exchange gives me the opportunity to explore new ways of working by having someone to share ideas with and who encourages me to challenge my own thinking. The issues we face, such as financial budgeting and managing change, are common to us all and having a forum like this means that we can share expertise to help tackle the complexities involved in each others’ work and deliver real improvement to our performance.”

Sandy Nairne, Director, National Portrait Gallery
“The Leadership Exchange Programme has offered me a great chance to share important thinking with a fascinating person from a very different walk of life than my own – someone that I would never otherwise have had the opportunity to talk with. We swap ideas about management – about priorities and pressures within work – as well as trying to help each other to think creatively about the challenges that we each face.”

Baroness Jo Valentine, Chief Executive, London First
“London’s success depends on its ability to attract businesses and talented individuals from around the world. Crucial to London’s international standing is its safe working environment, as epitomised by the iconic British ‘bobby’. London First created Leadership Exchange as part of its wider mission to make London the best city in the world in which to do business. I am delighted that the scheme brings together highly capable people, from police and business, to share their knowledge and experience to the benefit of our city.”

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