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Leadership Exchange

London First’s joint mentoring scheme – sharing expertise between police and business leaders

Leadership Exchange is a joint mentoring scheme, pairing police and business leaders together to exchange expertise on leadership and management issues. Its purpose is to strengthen links between police and business at a senior level, share corporate learning and leadership skills and bring a fresh perspective to the work practices of both parties.

Since its launch in 2001, over 400 individuals have participated in Leadership Exchange. The strength of Leadership Exchange lies in the matching of leaders from different organisations and cultures, providing a confidential sounding board and fresh insight into some of the challenges that are faced at a senior level.

Previous participants in the scheme have greatly valued the opportunity to discuss challenges away from busy work schedules in an environment that is positive, refreshing and enjoyable.

Leadership Lectures – our mentoring programme is supported by a series of regular lectures from a broad spectrum of inspirational speakers. Forthcoming lectures are:

  • 9 December 2015: Sir Malcolm Grant CBE, Chair of NHS EnglandSir Malcom will discuss the leadership challenges facing NHS England, his vision and organisational change. Sir Malcolm will touch on his experience from higher education and the influence these have had on how he views NHS England such as the cultural change required to incorporate the Government’s Prevent Counter Radicalisation programme.Sir Malcolm is an excellent speaker and of course is relevant to issues such as the release of NHS land and property to the market for housing.The event will be chaired by Mark Rowley QPM, Assistant Commissioner, Specialist Operations, Metropolitan Police.Kindly hosted by PwC
  • 27 January 2016: ‘In conversation with Lord John Browne, former CEO BP, and Tommy Stadlen, joint authors of ‘Connect: How companies succeed by engaging radically with society’. They will be discussing the drivers for public/private sector partnerships.

Recent lectures included:

  • ‘Corporate Governance and Ethical Leadership’ with Dr Pippa Malmgren, Founder, DPRM Group, ex US Presidential Advisor and best-selling author of Signals: the Breakdown of the Social Contract and the Rise of Geopolitics. Chair: AC Helen King MPS
  • ‘Authentic and Inspirational leadership’ with John Amaechi OBE, psychologist, organisational consultant and a high-performance executive coach, New York Times best-selling author and former NBA basketball player. Chair: AC Cressida Dick MPS
  • ‘Ethical leadership’ with Christopher Keeble DSO MSc FCMI, an international speaker who was formerly with the Parachute Regiment of the British Army and was awarded the Distinguished Service Order in recognition of his command of the Second Battalion at a pivotal stage in the Falklands War. Chair: Commissioner Adrian Leppard, City of London Police
  • ‘Elite Performance and Leadership’ with Floyd Woodrow MBE DCM, formerly SAS and author of Elite! The Secret to Exceptional Leadership and Performance. Chair: Commander Richard Morris, MPS
  • ‘What makes London tick?’ with Tony Travers, Director of the London Group, London School of Economics. Chair: AC Mark Rowley
  • ‘Building Alliances between Multiple Government Agencies and Private Companies’ with Dr Richard Falkenrath, formerly Deputy Commissioner, NYPD
  • ‘Radicalisation’ with General Douglas Stone, former Deputy Commander to General David Petraeus in Iraq. Chair: DAC Stephen Kavanagh

To find out more about Leadership Exchange mentoring opportunities and our Leadership Lecture series you can read our Leadership Exchange booklet, which sets out the benefits and guiding principles of participation.

What they say about Leadership Exchange:

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis

For the past 10 years the Metropolitan Police has worked in partnership with London First to strengthen the relationship between the police and business communities in London. The innovative Leadership Exchange Programme brings senior police leaders together with senior business figures in London to promote partnership working and share expertise and experience that will help make London the safest major city in the world. To date, over 400 business and police leaders have been paired up. There is clear benefit for both police and business leaders in taking part in this programme.

Andrew Trotter, former Chief Constable, British Transport Police

Being part of Leadership Exchange gives me the opportunity to explore new ways of working by having someone to share ideas with and who encourages me to challenge my own thinking. The leadership issues we face, though different briefs and agendas, are common to us all and having a forum like this means that we can share expertise to help tackle the complexities involved in each others’ work and deliver real improvement to our performance.

Paul Crowther OBE, Chief Constable,British Transport Police

This innovative partnership continues to strengthen the relationship between the police and business communities. Leadership challenges and thinking can be re-energised by sharing expertise and experience and can lead to creative and inspirational solutions. Partnerships should motivate and inspire and I would encourage anyone being given the opportunity to take part.

Jo Valentine, Chief Executive, London First

London is undisputedly one of the greatest cities in the world in which to do business, but its future competitiveness depends upon its continued perception as a safe and secure destination in which to trade. In the Leadership Exchange, leaders from both the police and business community have a forum in which they can share their expertise and strengthen links that will help London maintain its reputation and position on the world stage. We are extremely proud of its achievements over the last decade, and look forward to many more years of a successful partnership.

Martin Hewitt, Assistant Commissioner, Metropolitan Police Service

I have taken part in Leadership Exchange now for nearly three years – even though it only technically lasts for twelve months. We have kept meeting because I think we both see the great value in having your professional challenges or big career decisions viewed from a completely objective and different perspective. We have wide-ranging, challenging and enjoyable conversations (usually over a lovely breakfast), and it is an added bonus for me to indulge my passion for American football with someone who is actually a native of the United States!

Jack Kelly, Partner, Deloitte LLP

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to participate in the Leadership Exchange programme. In addition, the opportunity to work with a senior police officer discussing the challenges each of us faces in our different daily activities has been fascinating and instructive. I would recommend anyone considering to take part to do so. It will be rewarding and enjoyable.

Cornelius Medvei, former Partner, Eversheds

I have been meeting my current counterpart, now a DCS, for about four years. Meeting about 10 times a year for 2 hours at a time, our discussions enable us to interrogate his current issues and challenges. Often the act of framing the issue, in lay terms I can relate to, points the way to the solution. It always results in a fascinating discussion and an appreciation that human nature and human problems are fundamentally the same, regardless of one’s profession. I have gained immeasurably from the experience. Indeed, I believe we both have.

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