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Top Campaigns for 2015/16

We’ve identified two priorities for 2015/16 where we think the need for change is most pressing:

A campaign to achieve a step change in housing supply
London needs to be building around 50,000 houses per year and is currently only building about 20,000. We are initiating a campaign setting out the steps needed to achieve this change of scale. In particular, we will lobby ahead of the General Election on changes which the Government can make to help, followed by setting out our expectations ahead of the Mayoral election in 2016.

A business-led economic development plan for London
We’re project managing the creation of an economic development plan for the Mayor and Greater London Authority, working with business, local authorities, the Mayoralty and others via the London Enterprise Panel (LEP). We have appointed consultants to support the process, including conducting a substantial exercise to evaluate and analyse existing data, combined with-in depth consultation with major players on priorities. The output will be a decision framework which will enable those concerned with economic development in London to evaluate the most effective interventions.

For other work areas, please visit Our Focus and Initiatives pages.

London is one of the world’s leading cities, giving the UK a place on the global stage and acting as a gateway to investment across the country. But the capital has a serious housing shortage...

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